Need help with 2 tracts in Wyoming that are on federal land


The two tracts are Federal tract Dakota-Lakota Unit Tract 11 and Frontier 63-21G in Natrona, WY

I was paid on these tracts at one time but that was a long time ago. How can I find if there is production on these tracts now and who the operators are? I don’t think I can find out anything from Natrona County since the tracts are on federal land,

Thanks for any help.


Mary, would suggest you try contacting the BLM office in Casper, WY. I have an email address that might work try: Good Luck, keep me posted I will look for some additional info for you and will send if I find. My property, which I am selling, including mineral rights is at SENW 14 Township 31 N Range 82 W. Greta


The Wyoming Oil and Gas Commission has all of that info available online.


Thanks for the help. I had to take care of other things and am just getting back to this. I sent a message to the Casper link above so will see how that goes,