Need help, where do I go to find our Minerals?

Great grandfather had mineral rights to some land in Colorado.

Grandmother was approched by an oil company in the 80"s and she and her brothers and sisters sign leases. Do not know the company, but it was a major company.

Not sure if any dividens were paid, but Grandmother passed and all papers were lost.

Minnesota Girl

Time to make a trip to the courthouse in the county where Grandma had her minerals to look for the lease. Or call one of the Aunts or Uncles to see what they can tell you. The lease could have expired years ago if no producing well was drilled. Find a copy of the lease and go from there, by contacting the company named on the lease. But surely some cousins would have information on this…

Hi, Wendy -

If you filed Probate Papers or Affidiavits of Heirship on your Grandmother in the counties where the properties are located, then eventually one of the oil companies will come looking for you.

If you did not, you may want to consider doing so. All you need is a Certified Copy of her Probate Matters or an Affidavit listing the present day heirs of your Grandmother. File it or them in the County Clerk's Records where the properties are located and the oil and gas companies can find you.

Landmen will research the records and when they find where you own interests they will contact you. When they do, you can request copies of their titie notes or Title Run Sheets on the properties for your files.

That's a whole lot of work for free.


Hi Ms. Chenvert,

Colorado taxes mineral rights. They send out a list of the MR's along with the taxes owed. The taxes are reasonable. We pay, I think, $240.00 for 3200 mineral acres. So, your next project is to learn who receives her mail if it hasn't been too long since she passed. Also, you could contact the county clerk to update your/her address so they can send the tax forms. There you will have every acre listed in one place. They need this info ASAP. If taxes are unpaid for a certain length of time they will be sold. That's why it's so important to expedite your contact with the county clerk in the county her minerals were listed in. If you don't know the county let me know and maybe I can help. I wish you much luck with this.


Wes Luke