Need help understanding terms, etc

Hello, lurking for several months now. Have learned the there is production (as of mid-August) from a new well, but I'm unsure how to interpret the W-1 etc from the TRRC website. I can see the "permitted location" on acreage on which I own an interest. However, it is a horizontal well and the line goes south crossing into another section (ending with a Hexagon shape). The legal desc. from the W-1 refers to that southern section, but the "terminus location" shows legal desc of our property. I'm just wanting to know how to interpret it if anyone can help.



Dave -- do you have the well's API Number, e.g., 389-12345... or, for your tract, the Abstract Number, e.g., A-1234... SurveyName/Block#/Section#. Later -- Buzz