Need help recouping past royalties and selling OK rights

Father inherited mineral rights in two different counties in OK. We need some referrals to who can help him see if any monies are owed to him and then also to sell the rights. Have you heard of US Mineral Exchange? Is some group like that the best way to try to sell? Many thanks in advance!

I recovered some royalties by contacting Oklahoma Unclaimed money. If your father inherited the minerals, and the will was not probated in OK, you may have some trouble. I used Tim Dowd, attorney, in Oklahoma City, (405) 232-3722, and was very pleased. Think before you sell your minerals though. They may be worth more to keep.

If it were me, I would contact the National Association of Royalty Owners. They are a wealth of information and direction and have members with experience that can help guide you. visit

Well, I can help somewhat!

What are the legals, and how long has your father owned these minerals?

You can look online and see if there are any wells on his minerals. If they are producing, he would be owed some money. If they have never been drilled, he wouldn't be owed anything.

Thank you all for the replies thus far. He has owned them since 1999 approximately. I don't know how to look online to see if there are wells?

Second joining NARO, good people and real advocates.