Need help re: South Alabama minerals

I am the spokesperson (and payer of property taxes) for a tract of 5 parcels of non-waterfront land, including mineral rights, on Mon Louis Island in South Mobile County. SEVENTEEN additional family members share this inheritance with me and we need to know if this property has any potential value regarding the minerals. Property tax is only $50+ each year, so it is not highly valued for other purposes at this time.

We've had this property for close to 20 years and have already had shares transferred due to deaths, etc. and I fear it will only become more and more a problem as it becomes shared with more people and new names. My great uncle thought he was doing something nice for his family, but we aren't so sure. I know there is natural gas activity in the area as well as off the coast but does anyone think this land (a very long sliver running east to west between Mobile Bay and Fowl River but not including any waterfront) could have the potential to help any of us financially? We need advice if anyone is out there with knowledge of how things are looking in south Mobile County.

Thank you and I hope to hear back from someone with advice for us! I want to strike oil, but I seriously doubt that will happen!

Carolyn Fogarty

PS - I have the legal descriptions if that might be helpful to you.