Need help Pecos, Reeves and more: Questions about how to sell land rights left to me

I have some land left to me that I think is surface and mineral rights . I live in California and don’t know where to start. I’m attaching a screen shot of the info and if anyone can help I would be grateful.




Learn how to use the Texas Railroad Commissions map viewer. Open the map viewer by clicking on this link. At the top of the map is an icon shaped like a magnifying glass. Click on it. A drop down box will be generated. In the drop down box, click on “Surveys”. This will open a pop up screen. In the select county column, choose a county with your mineral interest, e.g., Reeves. Enter an abstract number if you have one [or enter the corresponding block and section numbers] and then click on the “Query” button. This will open the map on your property. Doing this for Reeves abstract 30 at the top of your list, I count four producing horizontal wells. If you are the sole mineral owner in the section, your interest could be worth millions of dollars. Next, try to find your properties on the tax roles. Most if not all counties in Texas have property tax records online: Google Reeves CAD [Central Appraisal District] or your county of interest. This is a link to Reeves CAD’s online property search. Enter the name of the person from whom you inherited the land and oil interests.
Real estate brokers or appraisers could help give you an idea of what land is worth in the various counties. My suggestion is that you proceed slowly and methodically to determine just what you have before selling as minerals in hot areas could be worth thousands or tens of thousands of dollars per acre.

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I wish I knew who to contact like a broker or lawyer to handle this. Does it need to be CA orTexas one

Where does the excel sheet screenshot you posted derive from?

My father’s records


That’s awesome he saved such detailed records. Reminds me I need to update my inventory list for my heirs. I figured it was from probate, and was going to suggest asking that attorney. Have you started the process of deeding them over to yourself / heirs? Also, have you contacted the operator of the wells to transfer ownership in their revenue distribution decks?

I have no idea about who to contact

I live in CA and used Wade Caldwell who is a member of this site as a lawyer to confirm and complete a lease agreement. But I also learned how to use the railroad map to determine the activity around my families mineral acres if you have not received any offers to lease yet then this map can be useful to see what companies are active in the area of your mineral rights, if there are active “plays” ie wells and what kind of wells they are ie horizontal or vertical, so its important for you to educate yourself on the language to negotiate and ask the correct questions. It does take time but it is well worth it in the long run to be educated as much as possible. If you are fortunate like I was, I did get valuable help from other mineral rights owners on this site who mentored me. There are numerous helpful tools on this site and on the web.

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@Harpman - just FYI - Pecos County TX was on Fox Business this morning talking about how production is doubling in that area this year. So, definitely check before selling. If you get any unsolicited offers to sell, that means they probably know something you don’t know, so, def. do your research. It looks like your dad kept excellent records. I have been doing my minerals without a landman, but I have learned a lot with the help of this forum and family members. Welcome to the wonderful world of minerals, and good luck!

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Thank you SO much for these directions. My family also has land here in Reeves County, and just finding a map that allowed us to isolate what my parents own has been so challenging. THis is a gamechanger!

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Glad you found the info helpful! Thanks for your note.

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