Need help looking up a well

This well was on the active drilling rig list and start date was may 31st. It also had a rig icon placed on the GIS map server. It was only on active drilling list for 10 days and now is gone. Also the rig icon is gone from the GIS map server. Was this well drilled? 10 days does not seem to be enough time. I have minerals in this area and would like to know what happened. Thank for any help you can give.

25562 33105030770000 G3 OPERATING, LLC BORRUD 156-101-2A-11-2H LOT3 2-T156N-R101W

You are right that they almost certainly did not drill a well in 10 days, but 10 days sounds about right for a less capable rig to come in and drill part of the verticle and set casing, so a more capable rig can come later and finish the verticle and the horizontal.

Last week the NDIC had this site as MIRU. Toady it shows that on June 16, G3 operating began drilling on the site. It is now on the GIS map.

Just an update on the Borrud well. In my previous response I said tha HRC was moving in on the site.

They spudded the well on May 30, 2013, but have not drilled to the producing formation yet. Currently there is no rig on the site, just shows spudded.