Need help locating company for my Dad's Mineral rights

I have called multiple companies, and it sounds like they have sold over and over. Can anyone help me, help my Dad?

I have a Well name Wagnon1-14H. Also a location I can provide if needed the

It is more useful to the community if you post the section, township and range.

section 14-16n-26w roger mills county, oklahoma

Do you mean the Wagnon 4-14HTW? The surface location is in 23-16N-26W. It was drilled by PPP PETROLEUM LP 2101 CEDAR SPRINGS RD STE 1800 DALLAS , TX 75201-1585

The OTC site is saying Peregrine Petroleum Partners LTD is the operator now. You could look them up or PPP just changed their name.

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Peregrine Petroleum is listed on his paperwork but I have tried calling and no response. the location shows SL-165’ FNL & 560’ FWL Section 23-16N-26W BHL 560" FWL & 165" FNL Sec 14-16N-26W. My Great Aunt left this to my dad and the paperwork shows Jack Fork Land INC, I contacted them and they sent me to PPP, and no answer or return calls, then I was sent to Cheapeake, and 4 point Energy, Continental and Jones Energy…

He was paid for a contract from 2016-2019, but nothing ever happened after, I was told an active well has been listed since 2017, just not sure where I can find out who has it now.

Thank you for the help, I have discovered that the surface hole is 23W-16N, but the bottom hole is is the other I listed, a lady who was so nice called me from the state and verified its an active well and she is emailing PPP and asking them to contact me. So keeping my fingers crossed we hear from them.

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