Need help fining pooling order

While helping my elderly mother I came across a lease offer from Roan (now Citizen) from 2019. My mother did not do anything with the offer. It is for the Needles well section 24-10N-5W and 13-10N-5W in Grady and Canadian counties Oklahoma. I have been trying to find the pooling order to see if my mother is included. I found the case number (201805323) and searched on the OCC website but could not find the pooling order. Any advice on how to finding the pooling order would be appreciated.

Looks to me that both pooling orders for 13 & 24 are undetermined. Call Citizen. This is the link if you know the pooling order number.
For 24- check the following case numbers 201805321 (dismissed), 201806944 For 10- check the following case numbers 201805318, 201806945

The respondents lists are often found in the exhibits before the order comes out. No useful orders out yet so might not have the exhibits posted. Basically still tied up with no final resolution yet.

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