Need help finding out about mineral rights ownership in Cheyenne Co. Colorado

My family is about to settle a trust that includes mineral rights in Cheyenne Co. and we need help in finding out what it is worth and how to go about selling them.

Thank you.

Ann Torres

It has a lot to do with the amount of mineral acres owned. There are a lot of ways to sell the minerals. Often it’s easiest to look at it like selling any other type of real estate, like your home. There are brokers and lawyers everywhere that can help… for a fee. How much do you all own and where?

The deed states that it is one-fourth interest in and to all of the oil, gas and other minerals in the Southwest Quarter of Section Twenty-eight, Township Sixteen, Range Forty-five in the Cheyenne county.

None of us are from Co. and have no idea how much land it is or where.

Thank you for your reply.

My map shows the surface belongs to A.S. Kern Jr. There are Tallman’s, Vickers’ and Kern’s close by too. It’s South West of Cheyenne Wells and about 18 miles from the Kansas boarder. One-fourth interest in a 1/4 section is equal to 40 acres. You might be able to get $20/acre for a lease bonus and then a 15% royalty in any production there. What offers have you received? There is growing activity out there, you may want to hold on to the mineral. I have some recommendations on people you could contact to sell or review your offers. They’re an oil and gas group that our family is working with now. Feel free to email me at:, I can send you their contact information. They’ll be able to see what potential your minerals have and give you a definite value. They won’t charge you anything to help you out and may offer to buy them from you.


I have no idea what activity is going on in "your" area of T16S, R45W, Section 28: SW 1/4.

Yet to help you understand what you own...

Typically one quarter of a section is 160 acres. If you all own "one-fourth" of the minerals under the quarter section, then you own 40 NET mineral acres, under that 160 GROSS acres of land.

I'm not encouraging you to sell. Yet if you did, here is how you would calculate it. Any offers you receive will be based on X dollars per NET acre. As an example, a $100/ acre offer would be, $100 x 40 acres = $4,000. Good luck on your decision. Also, in case you're not already aware, Colorado charges annual property taxes on undeveloped minerals. It is a small amount, yet make sure one of you is paying their tax bill.