Need help finding father's oil rights

Father passed in the 1980’s and my two brothers been receiving royalty payments for years with my blessing.but during this hardtimes I need to cash in.and have no idea how…brothers not helpful

If your father’s will was probated, then obtain the records from the probate court as it should include a list of minerals by state and county. If the will was not probated, then you need to search deed records in the county and state where minerals were located to see if anything has been filed regarding title. Did you sign away your rights to your brothers or are they collecting under your father’s name? You may have to involved an attorney if your brothers will not provide any information.

What State and County are these assets located? If per record title, you are an owner of the OGM and can obtain a payment stub from the well(s) in pay, you can contact the operator and get things straightened out.

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