Need division order with NPRI help

I would like to hire someone to help me decipher and calculate/verify the NPRI on a division order. I already have a relationship with a lawyer but don’t want to pay lawyer prices. If anyone has experience in this area I would like to talk with you. I have a spreadsheet with the majority of the NPRI accounted for. I need help with how to allocate the numbers between 2 areas in one section. Some of the NPRI pertains to one area of the section and some pertain to both areas of the section. I have a division order for each area of the sections being the N/4 of the W/4, and the SW/2 of the S/4.


I’ve had trouble accessing the actual messages posted in The Mineral Rights Forum since they switched over to a new system. I got your post delivered as a message to my inbox, but I’m unable to see it directly in The Mineral Rights Forum. I would like to help, if I can, but I won’t accept payment for it. It would be better if you could email me. I have some questions, and you could send your spreadsheet to my email. I’m the supervisor of Division Orders for GEP Haynesville, LLC.

Marsha Breazeale


Is this for a horizontal well? Which section, township, range, county and state? Do you know the spacing for the well?
The general formula is net acres/spacing acres x royalty. If you have a horizontal well going over more than two sections, then a third term is applicable and it is: net acres/spacing acres x royalty x % perforations in your section. (For Oklahoma). Texas is just slightly different as it is an allocation by feet. The description reads a bit strange. Usually you have W half, not quarter. Same for the South. It should be South half. The single letter designations are for halves (N,S,E,W) and the doubles are for quarter sections (NW, NE, SW, SE)

Hello! I am in the same boat. I have a division order that I am trying to double check and the operator has been very kind in giving me all the info she is working with. That said, I am not sure where to find the following: Tract Acres Mineral Interest Lease Mineral Interest (I know what interest I have (net acres)) But am def spinning my wheels trying to make sure I understand all the components of the formula. Any help would be appreciated! I am a novice at this so trying to understand it all…

We can help you better if you give the state, county and the section, township and range (or abstract) as different states have different resources.

Hello! Received another division order where I am trying to double check the formula against what RI was provided on the DO. This is Weld County in Colorado? The operator has not gotten back to me with Tract Acres and spacing they used for their formula and I can’t get the math to work. Is there a spot that is public info where I can look up specific well names (have not been able to find this) to try to get some of the information so I can check the DOs? THANKS!

The well names are supposed to be on the Division Order. Do not sign it unless you get their answer on the formula. You can look up wells on the CO Oil and Gas Commission site.

Thank you! I will try looking there. I have reached out about 5 times to ask for formula. Seems like something they should easily be able to share. Frustrating. Also, do you know about the below?\we received an offer from an operator to lease minerals which we reviewed and executed. I received by mail another lease offer from a different operator for the same area? Is this possible and if so, how? We can’t sign this lease though it actually had a higher royalty rate because we have already executed the other, but wanted to understand how this is possible. Thanks!