Need Attorney Help in Grady County

We live in NC and our mother passed away in late Sept 2017. She has several royalty interests in OK with producing wells. Her Will passes these rights to myself and my sister equally. We have an attorney in NC but probably need one in OK to handle the estate work for this transfer. Does anyone have any recommendations? Are there any words of wisdom regarding this process?

Scott, I am not positively sure but a Simple Affidavit of Heirship might be the path of least resistance and NO ATTORNEY would be required.

Let's see what others know.

Scott Had the same issue last year. We got two referrals from other members, both attys were at the same firm. emailed both Mr Caywood replied. Got the work done in a timely manner, kept us informed and had patience for our inexperience with the process. Gave us a ballpark price range and came in midway.Very Happy.

Don't waste any money on overnight delivery of documents, with the volatile weather of last year continuing and their disclaimers it will not arrive as"promised."

Have the Atty notify the leasing entity asap so they do not turn funds over the state. If they do, we learned after the fact, they can re-call the funds, so ask. Also, get the gross royalties from them and the state withholding, It took months of asking but ours covered several years but we finally got the info.

Scott sorry, forgot to put contact info.

Park, Nelson, Caywood, Jones

& Perryman, LLP.

122 North Fourth Street,

PO Box 968

Chickasha, Oklahoma, 73023-0968

Telephone (405) 224-0386

Kerry W. Caywood, OBA NO. 1580

Scott and John Since the mineral rights are "real"property, OK probate is required. the affidavit might work for the royalty pay

er but it is optional on their part.

Scott: Let me add my endorsement of Kerry Caywood. You can't do better.

Jim Brock

I have worked with John Nelson at PCNJ in Chickasha (County Seat), Same as above recommendation. John is great very responsive by email and on the phone. He knows his stuff and gets the job done. He recently probated our mother's will in OK:

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Is there a time limit for the leasing company to recall the funds from the state?