Need assistance validating information

My wife was contacted by a landman last week about her rights in Grady 02-09N-06W. During the course of their conversation, he mentioned that Pangaea indicated that Linn was operating a redrilled well in 35-10N-06W that was pulling from my wife’s section. He said we could be missing out on royalties. I can’t seem to find anything to corroborate this via the OCCEweb databases or drilling/completion reports (I don’t have access to Pangaea data). Is there someone who could shed some light one way or the other?

It looks like Citizen Energy II, LLC has just pooled these sections in the last couple months to drill a multi-section well. It's probably not even drilled yet. I don't see where you could be missing out on royalties.

Linn does operate a well in Sec. 35, but the only well I see in Section 2 has been inactive since 2004.

The only multi-sectional well that I saw that Linn Energy could be drilling will cross sections 26 and 35...not 2.

If you would like to give me your wife's name I can check to see If she is listed on the pooling order for section 2 or you can friend me and send it that way if you are more comfortable.

Citizen spud a well in 11-09N-06W back in May, so we're already aware that section 2 is a part of that pooling order.

If I remember correctly, the landman mentioned the Wigley well in section 35 as being the one that Linn was operating.

Yes it is the wigley, but it looks like it is just spaced on a 640 acre spacing and doesn't involve section 2 and is an older well.

I just went back and looked again and the one you know about is the only one I see. Citizen Energy filed an intent to drill in January for a surface location in Sec. 11 T9N R6W that will involve both section 2 and 35. It is called the Leon 1H-2-35. I do not see on Pangaea where they spud it. The permit expired in July, so I am assuming they are drilling it if they haven't finished yet.

I don't see anything where you would be missing royalties.

latest offer from land man.

Grady County 6-7n-7w. To Lease: $7,000 p/ac. with 8%.

Yes, that's lease not buy. I have has three offers in the last month, all in the sane money and percentage range.