Need Appraisal forBlaine County Mineral Interest S35 T17N R10W

My wife was willed 5.33 acres of mineral interest and have been approached by a couple of energy companies looking to purchase her interest. The offers seem to be very low, $1k-$6k per acre. Can someone help guide me to a resource to get a fair value?

Thank you

That's really low for that area. It should be at least double the high side of your current offer.

Hi Doug- Your wife has inherited something good. How good, nobody knows yet but

looks promising. Of course the value will depend on the royalty on the old oil and gas lease

that these minerals are subject to. If you can give me the party that owned this interest prior to your wife, I will check and see if I can figure out that piece of your puzzle for you.

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Good Luck to you.

Todd M. Baker

Hi Doug:

Been hearing of $8-10,000/acre for 1/8th minerals in that area. Possibly more.

Todd M. Baker


I just looked over that section,there are some interesting wells surrounding you. Oddly, the operator is looking to drill additional vertical wells instead of horizontals. I'm seeing values in and around $10-11K in that area.

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In 16N-10W, acreage is going for $20k per acre easy. You are right there in the same area.

16N10W is right there by 17N...yeap, just south of 18...(joking with you Ben).

However, I think the devil is in the details. If you map the basin out, you will notice that the Meramec thins as you trend north - roughly away from the 'T' where Blaine/Caddo/Canadian counties.

There is also a change in the pressure regime as you move to the North East and ironically, S3517N10W is on the over pressured/normal pressure line of the Meramec.

If you map the Meramec out, its' thickness changes rapidly as you transverse 17N....The resulting impact of this pops out if you look at a production bubble map (by formation). You will notice that there are very few Meramec/Miss solid wells in northern Blaine.

With that said, you are on the edge of the area where the Meramec is being developed and there are wells in the sections north and west or you. By no means am I saying the acreage is 'bad' or anything like that, the wells are attractive. I'm just saying that relating one area to another, even when they are relatively close, can be dangerous and its best to take a closer look at what may drive values.

The Woodford thins as you move north and east from Blaine into Kingfisher (away from Cana). There are Woodford wells around your acreage and its definitely prospective, but its relatively thin as compared to the focus areas to the South. Similar to the Meramec, there aren't many Woodford wells northwest of your location.

The Hunton is another target and is a focus of develop to the east. The Hunton deepens as you move south and west into Blaine from Kingfisher. Once again there are Hunton wells around your acreage, and its definitely prospective.

If you pull up Continentals October 2016 DUG STACK presentation, S3517N10W is literally on their 'over/normal' pressure line.

What that means to your potential economics and therefore value per acres - is "good" versus "really good" wells. The better the wells the more $$$ per RI per Acre. 16N10W just happens to be in a better area, and as Ben points out, acreage values are rather impressive.

Finally, outside of the aforementioned items, the operator on section 35 is seemingly pursuing vertical development. This impacts the potential value, as one of the biggest unknowns (once you nail down the easy stuff like geology, petrophysics, petroleum engineering, get the point) is when is the dang acreage going to get drilled with all of these wells that spit out hundred dollar bills!!??

any who...its getting late...y'all have a wonderful evening.

I tried to upload the presentation I mentioned, but its too large...sorry

Jeff's response is pretty spot on! We have had a 5K pnma purchase price difference from one Section to the next due to geology.