Need answers not evasion

Not long ago Antero Resources contacted my family and we found out we were owed mineral royalties from wells in Harrison County. Then we found out there’s a class action lawsuit that we don’t know if we’re apart of or what it is for. We’ve tried contacting Antero and got no reply. When we ask family that know about the situation, they give very vague answers or ignore the topic entirely. Where do we start to get some answers instead of avoidance?

Antero is very difficult to get answers from. Be persistent and keep going back. They haven’t responded to my question from 6 months ago about them selling part of my lease in 2018 and no information on the current owners.

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Good afternoon Cheryl,

If you provide me a little more info, I can research your issue and get you some answers. Tax map parcel # and district would help.

Thank you

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Do you have any details about this class action? How would you know if you were not receiving royalties that were owed?

following up on mpleasants. do you know the details about the class action? the attorney handling the class action should provide information regarding whether you are, presumably, a member of the class. In that vein, are you sure there is a class action, or is that what somebody heard third hand?

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