Need an attorney to review extension?

I have a current lease with a company that expires in 2011. The company called last week and would like a 1 year extension to the present lease for the same bonus, royalty and terms. I haven't received the extension from the company yet, however it seems it should be quite simple and straightforward. Will it be necessary to have my attorney review it since there will not be any changes? Or is there anything I should be made aware of?



You may be able to ask for a greater lease bonus or even royalty. I would argue that the company has had a chance to drill your well and hasn’t done so. Unless your really happy with your deal it may be possible to get a slightly better deal. If you would like to discuss your options feel free to call me at (832) 860-3120, my name is Bill and I have a law degree and have been a landman for several years.