Need an Appraisal of Inherited Mineral Interest

I was told I need to have a Certified Mineral Manager to do an appraisal in writing of mineral interest I inherited in 2006. My brother and I recently sold some interest in Howard County.

I live in Fort Worth.


Sent you a friend request with my contact info. I'd be happy to help you out.

In need of the same assistance. Helped my mother sell an interest last year in Howard Co property she unwittingly inherited in 1996. We're trying to figure out the '96 cost basis for long-term cap gains. Her grandfather retained the interest in a 1955 sale, then her mother had no idea of its existence when she passed away and my mother (the 2016 seller) inherited in 96. So the interest didn't go through probate, no assessment, nothing as far as valuation.


Sent you a friend request. I can get you sorted out.


Send your contact info if you don’t and I can call or email tomorrow (Monday). I’m an attorney but with no oil and gas experience, just trying to help my parents out on the tax issue.

Do you charge a fee for a written valuation that the IRS would typically accept? What are the variables? Etc.

Thanks in advance, Russ Wilson Roseville, CA

Sent you my contact info. Hope to hear from you soon!