Need advice on this well proposal.

Have been offered 3,250.00 per net acre and 1/5th royalty delivering 80.00% net revenue interest for Bonzai 1206 8-1MHR , I have 5.6 acres,Section 8-12n-6w in Canadian County ,Oklahoma. Anyone know if this is a good deal or is it worth more? Any help on this question would be great . thanks.

I see 89 energy llc completed 2 wells in that sec. but have yet to report results. But, someone leased land in that sec. in dec. 2017 for $4,500/a

Looks like $3,250 would pretty cheap in my opinion.

That $4,500 a acre? Wonder if they would go for $4000 a acre? Know where i would shop this around?

and thanks for the help.