Need advice on Section 4-14N-8W tract for mineral rights

In a bizarre twist (like almost out of a novel), we received a phone call from someone at Turner Oil and Gas in Oklahoma City, looking for descendants/heirs for the mineral rights on a 11.5 acre tract of land deeded to my paternal grandmother's aunt, who passed away in 1974. Once we get her will properly probated in Canadian County, we will apparently be contacted by a leasing agent. This is all very foreign territory for us, as we live in GA, and know literally nothing about the oil and gas business in OK. I can see that there is a wealth of knowledge here on this forum, and I wonder if anyone can kindly point me in the right direction to search for what we need to know to proceed? It all feels a bit overwhelming at this point. Thanks!

Cimarex has a pooling pending on 4-14N-8W on March 21, so you need to get some ducks in row quickly in order to be able to act on it. If you want to friend me, I can walk you through what generally happens and what you need to do in the meantime. You may not have time to lease, but the FP will get you most of what you want and is sometimes easier.
Use the blue icon at the top left and request to be a friend. I will accept and then I can give you a quick rundown. The probate may take a while, but the rest you can do.