Need advice on offers

Looking to sell and need some advice of help

In section 23-11N-5W, Open and has 80 net acres.

In section 10-12N-7W, 3/16, and has 20 net acres.

In section 15-13N-5W, Open, and has 4 net acres.

In section 10-14N-5W, 3/16, and has 80 net acres.

In section 31-13N-6W, 3/16, and has 50 net acres.

Any advice would be appreciated.


You didn't say if these were offers to buy or offers to lease. Each of those sections will have different criteria.

If they are offers to buy, I always ask myself, what do they know that I don't know and then I try to find out what it is. They think they can make a profit at that offer, so don't I want that same profit and any in the future? In my experience, first offers are usually quite low to actual value and are trying to catch uninformed folks who don't take the time to find out the real value of their acreage. I note them in my files and throw them away. They usually rise over time. I would encourage you to read the investor presentations from Devon, Cimarex, Marathon, Newfield, Gastar and Jones Energy to see what is going on in the area.

23-11N-5W, not much activity, yet

10-12N-7W has a pending well, so I sure wouldn't sell it!

15-13N-5W Marathon is active in the township, so I would hang on and wait to see what happens

10-14N-5W Marathon and others are active in the township, so I would hang on and wait to see what happens

31-13N-6W TPR Mid Continent has a well pending in this section, so I would not sell.

Friend me with the blue icon if you want to chat more privately. I do not buy or sell but am a mineral owner in the area.

I have 80 acres in 20-11N-5W. It is leased to Chisholm. I am not planning to sell it but I was offered by BCF minerals $8,000 per acre for my Leased acreage in February 2017. If anyone has any info on this section I would be interested in hearing it. Val Connell Carter