Need advice on mineral rights in Harper County OK

Several months ago I received a phone call apparently a land man out of Okla. City. He said

he would like to send me a lease agreement on 2.5 acres in Harper County OK. Apparently the mineral deed was in my mother's name (she is deceased) so he tracked me down and called several times, since I was sole heir. I haven't heard back and have tried to return the call but

am unable to reach him. I can't find a legal description of the property in question. Her name was Jennie Louise Elliott and my name is James Douglass Elliott. How do I proceed from here to determine what my interest is if any? Thanks for your help. Jim Elliott


I can probably help you. I am an attorney in Oklahoma.

However, I am not near Harper County.

You may be able to get just as far asking an abstract company in Harper County how much they would charge you to determine what you own in Harper County.

You are the sole heir and your mother is deceased and i assume title is in her name. In order for you to have marketable title to be able to sell your mineral interest, if you ever choose to sell, you will need to probate her estate. This can be done in a summary format and only has to be done if the gas company that is trying to lease requires it. (They may not).

Let me know how else I can assist.

Thanks.. I took your advice and called Pioneer Abstract co. We'll see what they can find out. Thanks again! Jim Elliott, Claremore, OK.

Your Welcome. Let me know what they turn up. If you want to let me know in a nonpublic forum, shoot me an email.