Need advice on how to get copy of old oil and gas lease at county clerk's office

I recently called Blaine county clerk's office to get assistance with getting copies of some old oil and gas leases. They found copies and gave me the book # and page # to request copies. I received copies I needed with the exception of one lease. They sent me the wrong lease copy which was from some other section. Called their office today and spoke to a different person who was most rude and unhelpful. She told me it is not their job to research and locate the copies, said the person who helped me before was "just being nice" Wow! She said there are people I can hire to do this for me since I do not live in the area. Can someone recommend someone for this who does not charge an arm and a leg? I've attempted to find copies online but without the book and page nos. it is useless. If anyone has experience with someone they can recommend and give me an idea of what's reasonable to pay, I would greatly appreciate the help! Thanks!

I'm very sorry that this happened to you. I work in the Blaine County Court House in the Assessors office. If you would send me the Section, Township and Range you are looking for and what book and pages you have I will go the Clerks office and look this up for you as a courtesy. Also let me know what in particular you are looking for, approximate year for example.

Paul Edsall