NEED ADVICE- do I own mineral rights on my land?

I was in contact with someone who was possibly interested in leasing the mineral rights on my property in Reeves County. I was told that it doesn't look as though I own them, only surface rights. How would I go about finding out for myself? The mineral rights are not excluded on my deed. I called the Clerk's office, and they said I would need to hire an abstract company. Do any of you know of any websites, or any way I can research it myself? I live out of state and cannot look up records in person. It is a 5 acre parcel in Section 23. Thank you!

If these are inherited rights, you might check the old income tax returns of your parents (or the original owners) to see if they declared income resulting from sale of the mineral rights. This is how I finally found out that mineral rights I thought I owned in Culberson county had been sold several years before my parents died.

Otherwise, you might contact the Reeves County Appraisal District, P.O. Box 1229, Pecos, TX 79772 ( to see if they have any information. Perhaps the mineral rights were leased earlier and then the tax records would show who the owner of record is.