Need address to petition Court for funds, Doddridge WV

Let's try this again. I do not think my original post appeared on any board in this site.

Back on 3/29/2017 I received paperwork from the Doddridge Court covering "Order Confirming Partition of Commissioners" Finding of Fair Value, Allotting Unleased Defendant's Interests to Antero Resources Corporation, Authorizing Execution of Special Commissioner's Deed, And Directing Payment"

Down in "II Conclusions of Law"

13. Pursuant to West Virginia Code Section 55-12-4 the Special Commissioner shall file a report of sale with this Court after Antero delivers said funds to the General Receiver.

14. To obtain any such funds held by the General Receiver for the Unleased Defendant's benefit, the Unleased Defendants or their heirs, successors, and assigns much petition this Court for the same

Am I reading this correctly? At the date of the paperwork the money had yet to be delivered?

Once the funds have been deposited WHO am I supposed to contact to correct my funds? The wording is confusing as "this Court" can mean many things.

After spending too much time arguing over a handful of WV dirt I get the idea that my payment will come "Sometime" ...

rcr 5/27/2017

Doddridge County Court information

Try that.
Probably somebody there can help you.

The link gave me an error message.

Try this Doddridge

Address filings to the Doddridge County Circuit Clerk,
Michele Britton
Doddridge County Courthouse
118 East Court Street
West Union, WV 26456
Fax: 304-873-2260

Thanks. The term "Circuit Clerk" is new to me and I doubt if I would have noticed it in the directory.

I have the feeling that the corporation is in no hurry to post the money and end the dispute.

I hope the Circuit Clerk can help you. It sounds like the place to start with asking questions.

Already contacted Michele Britton. She does not know who I should contact. The judge refuses to provide the information, The Court Receiver does not know who to contact. Etc., etc.

It appears that my money is "somewhere" in "the court" and the legal people are trying to make certain not one cent of the money crosses the Ohio River. Who is "the court" and what is their contact address??? rcr 8/20/2017

Update for 9/2/2017

On Thursday of last week I again called the Doddridge County Circuit Court Clerk's office to try to find the address for "the Court" mentioned in the court paperwork I had received telling me how to obtain the funds that "the Court" had ARC deposit in my name with the court to cover the partitioning of my land.

The clerk that answered had no problem providing the needed information, she worked in there. Unlike her boss, whose name appears when you do a search on the 'net for the information. The "boss" told me she was not aware of who I needed to contact. Was that RUN AROUND???

I was given the address and then the clerk filled me in on some of the other things that had not been mentioned by "the Court" in the letters to me:

- in order to "petition the Court" I have to pay a $200 filing fee. The petition is supposed to be the way I tell "the Court" to release to me the funds being held in my name.

- The case is closed, I have to file for a reopening.

- And I would have to file to ask for a hearing on the mater.

- And I need to, in my words, put money in a WY lawyer's pocket to complete the required paperwork needed to obtain my funds.

In other words, ARC approached me with an unexpected contract which I did not solicit. I refused to sign their contract and was taken to court. ARC asks the judge to partition the land I hold, the judge gave them the land in exchange for payment, the payment had to go through the Court, and I have to pay the Court for doing ARC's dirty work.

I ask again, is West Virginia STILL part of the United States?

Maybe I should follow up on contacting a newspaper as has been suggested? . rcr 9/2/2017