Need a referral foran attorney

Does anyone have any recent experience with a probate attorney? We need a referral for an attorney in Grady county that can probate a California will that did not require probate in California. Oklahoma Treasurer's office is holding funds we could really use. I've been reading this forum and it sounds like it is not something we can do ourselves. The "Affidavit-of'-Heirship" doesn't sound like it will resolve ownership once and for all.

I had a referral from a prior year, but it turns out they are in Texas. And the attorney referenced (Larry Naus?) is no longer with the firm.

By the way, this is the wife speaking. I am the computer person in our house. My husband is 89 and inherited from his mother who passed in 1994. At the time of her passing, I could not find anyone interested in leasing or buying the mineral rights the last lease expired in 1988 and the lessee sent a letter declining renewal. But things have changed, haven't they.

Any help would be appreciated.

Attorney Kerry Caywood is who my family uses. His phone number is (405) 224-0386.

John Nelson just did a probate for us. He is great, very communicative and responsive and upfront. I have recommended him to other family members and they have been very pleased. Tell him Hal referred you:

Thanks to both of you for the referrals. I will make contact today.

Mrs. Haskins

Thanks to both of you for the referrals. I will make contact today.

Mrs. Haskins

I search around for a situation similar to your own and found this, which is of the more impressive timelines on an out of state probate case I have seen. This was done as a summary proceeding which expedites the time and saves you as the client money.

It seems to mirror elements of your issue, except the above case was more complex than your own. The law firm can be found in the case.

There are also many good attorneys on this site and can be located in the market place button at the top.

Thank you!! I've read some of it and downloaded a all of the files available for future reading. Looks very helpful.