Need a recommendation for great Estate Lawyer for minerals

Can anyone recommend a well qualified Estate lawyer who is experienced and knowledgeable in drafting trusts and estate land for mineral owners? Preferably near Blaine County or in a larger nearby city.

Type in “attorney” in the search engine using the upper right corner magnifying glass. Several names have been posted recently.

There are a couple of options. A trust is one of the most popular ways to manage minerals and avoid probate after death. However, I have many clients opt for a transfer on death deed. It also avoids probate and provides the owner with full control during his/her lifetime. It just depends upon the goals.

Who would you recommend to help determine the value of mineral rights for estate/inheritance tax purposes. We own in Blaine County.

Oklahoma has no estate tax since 2010. Even then it was fairly generous. If he died before that it is likely barred by law. Fed rates are fairly high as well, currently $11 Million. Unless an estate is approaching an estate tax issue the value can be an estimate. I do have a landman who can provide those services.