Need a mineral rights attorney

Looking for some helpful advice. I have begun receiving letters about my 5 acre parcel in Reeves County. A company is interested in purchasing my mineral rights, and I need to do my homework to see if selling vs. leasing makes more sense. Can anybody recommend a good attorney in the area who specializes in these matters? Thanks

John Doumany with Albert, Neeley & Kuhlman, L.L.P. in Fort Worth, TX


If you sell, you give up all the rights to any profit that may come from drilling. Perhaps you should counter with an offer for them to lease. I was recently offered to lease for $1500 per acre and a 25% royalty to everything that comes out of the ground. I am just northeast of Pecos.

Try Judd and Jacks, out of Fort Worth, (817) 763-9426. They are reviewing my lease for me.

Lease. Buyers will only offer 1/10 of what it is worth, or less. That area has some unbelievable wells, and royalties!

How did this turn out for you? I have been offered $4000 per acre in Reeves county to sell my mineral rights. Is this ever a good idea? I need some advice from anyone willing to give it.

I think it is generally accepted as a BAD idea to sell mineral rights in west Texas.