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I need to file a probate In Hughes County

Hello Ralph Brown,

I am new to this forum since Dec. '14. My question to you: Why do you, specifically, need to file a probate in Hughes County? Is this something all of us who own minerals in Hughes County need to do? I have found out to my chagrin all the many things about hydrocarbons that I DO NOT have a clue about. Since I was approved to respond within this forum I have found two Landmen that have been soooo helpful, i.e., M Barnes, and Troy C. (Concho Jobs). They both have been willing to answer 'lay persons' questions. Go back and read all they have to say. Concho furnishes his email so that one might communicate to speak. Protecting our investments have been a bit disconcerting to me................please keep all of us informed re your probate. ..........Leta

Dad died with a trust in FL lessor will not pay heirs wit out ancillary probate in Hughes Co. OK

Why can you not simply fill out and send them an affidavit of heir-ship? I'd suggest you call Donna Darnell at the OK Corporation Commission; she is an advocate for royalty owners and handles complaints in the Oil & Gas division. She will be able to steer you in the right direction.