Need a Landman


I have inherited mineral rights in but not limited to Gray County Texas and Lea County New Mexico… I’m not sure where to start. The estate was not probated so the deed was never transferred to my name. I have tons of paperwork going pretty far back to prove ownership and paper work from XTO. Im interested in sites to track well information.

Any advise or help would be greatly appreciated Thank you
Kris Young Humphrey


Not much going on in Gray County Texas…only 1 approved permit since January 1, 2018…and that was for an exploratory text well…

Use this link to find submitted and approved wells for Texas:

Kris I suggest you get in touch with Charles Emery Tooke/Ft. Worth, Texas/Landman
Charles Emery Tooke(682)249-7144

Clint Liles


Ok…Thank you so much Clint!