Need a landman for Cheyenne County NE

I live in NC and have inherited gas/oil interests originally obtained by my grandfather 50+ years ago in Cheyenne County, NE and also 2 areas in OK. I recently got help from a landman for the OK rights, and I stopped short of having him go to the 2 county offices since the likely value seems low.

I would like a landman to look over my NE paperwork and possibly search for deeds, etc. in Cheyenne County if it seems worthwhile.

AAPL American Association of Petroleum Landmen have a directory of certified and registered landmen by state. You might contact them.

I logged into the AAPL site and did not see a way to access the directory (as a non-landman). So I filled in a contact request 2 days ago, and I have not gotten a response yet.

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