Need a Contact at Conoco

I’m the heir of some minerals held by Conoco Philips. I’ve been trying to get the ownership transferred since June 2021.

They will not return calls/emails/Facebook messages - ANYTHING! They are holding thousands of dollars in suspense :frowning:

Anyone have a contact that might help me???

Lyn_B, I had good luck using the e-mails provided on the Concoco Phillips contact page. The e-mail you use depends on your last name. If that doesn’t work, there is always certified mail.

Conoco is a huge slow-moving company and operates largely through emails via royalty owner portal. First question is whether the royalties are in suspense and held by Conoco. Have any funds been escheated to a state treasury? As an heir, you need to put together all the documentation, including deeds or probate court order filled in deed records, prior owner information including name and Conoco owner number (or owner number from Concho or other company acquired by Conoco), and if possible a copy of royalty check to prior owner or estate, and Conoco ownership transfer form. Scan and send all information with a cover letter by email and by certified mail. Letter should reference the prior owner, wells and cite leases with county recording information. This will make it easier for Owner relations to find the right landman or division order analyst to verify the title transfer or let you know what other information is needed. If there are other heirs, you can all do this as a group to cover 100% of the prior owner’s interest.

@PeteR yea, I’ve been trying those email addresses since June :frowning: I guess I’ll have to move to certified mail.


Yes, there are suspended funds. No, they have not been escheated to the state (that I know of) I have all the documentation that you mentioned. I’ve already sent it multiple times by email so I guess I’ll move to certified mail.


Do you have an oil and gas attorney in the relevant state who could be copied on your letter and email? Sometimes that gets attention. The attorney could then step in if you get no response. Ask attorney about getting interest on royalties when there is such delay and no title issue. If you note the state, county and wells, someone here might have a contact.

I think you need to register the change in ownership and transfer title with the county, Not Conoco.

i have had very quick response and communication with Conoco regarding a transfer of minerals last month. Owner relations has been very quick to communicate, i hope you find the right people.

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@lindlane any chance you can share some contact information of who you’ve worked with?

@FrakinAndy that’s been done - now Conoco has to update their records and pay out the money that they’ve been holding in suspense :frowning:

@TennisDaze yes, we have an attorney but he’s not extremely helpful :frowning:

Oklahoma is the state that we’re working in.

You may have just been unfortunate and caught in a Owner Relations loop. I have been dealing with ConocoPhillips for years and have had very good results. Try putting together a new package of material if you have not yet received a response. It is ways helpful if you can list the ConocoPhillips OwnerNumber for the previous owner. If you have a copy of a prior check for that owner, that can also assist in speeding up the process. Make sure you have included a recorded copy of the probate final decree. If you have multiple counties, then you will need to have that recorded in each county. If you have not received a check by the 20th of the month, follow up with a status update request. Cordial coaxing generally works better than a call from an attorney.

Good luck then. Hope you will get responses soon.