Neches Unit 178-179 W 1H

Looking for some information on a Primexx well Neches Unit 178-179W 1H in Block 13 Sections 178/179. Our estate interest is in section 179. I noticed on the RC web site map that it is a shut-in well. To my knowledge it was drilled back in the early fall 2017 but never fracked.

API# 38936089

Permit# 827490

Mel, RRC is showing they approved a completion report on that well on 4/13/18 but it was "Well Record Only", not test results, and at the end says the well hasn't been completed. Only thing else shown there is a cementing report Primexx signed 3/15/18. Looks like they are still working on it.

Thank you Dusty

Mel, there are a passel of Primexx wells in that part of Reeves that are shut-in, with no production info. We have mineral rights in your general area and try to keep an eye on what's going on around us. Primexx seems to shut-in all of their wells, at least around there. No idea why.

Thank you Liz

Mel....Primexx is drilling a lot of wells east of FM2448 north of CR310 on Ivan Hurd's land (2 sections).

They even drilled a couple of Saltwater Disposal wells in that cluster. They put the produced oil and gas lines together and proceeded due north to a recompressor station on CR331...dunno which section but

it's in Block 13. I don't think they have a crude oil line in place yet, but they are building an oil gathering web of lines from their producing leases to CR331 east to where it joins CR112/Barilla Road over to Hwy 285 and then east of the new crude oil plant in Pecos county near the Gomez Valero plant.

That's why the wells are shut in yet.

Thank you Lawrence