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Does anyone know of any Drilling Activity in Garden, Keith or Arthur Counties?

Have minerals in Banner County, T18N R55W. Can you tell me about any leasing or drilling activity around there?

From Texas, it's been hard to keep up.

Jeanne, when I was working Nebraska several years ago, I had heard that there was a lot of leasing going on down in Banner County, I can speak as to who all the operators are down there, but one Australian company was very active, and likens development in the area as similar to Wyoming's Silo Field...check the link

Sorry, I cant speak to it...

Thanks, Tyler. I'll look into Black Star.

first step for clear information about oil leases

I'm at long distance from Nebraska and no knowledge about accessing Nebraska Oil & Gas Conservation internet info.

I'd like to look at completion report for the Lovercheck B-4 well in Banner County Section 15- 18N-55West.

I'm used to Oklahoma records but Nebraska Oil & Gas Conservation Commission procedures are new to me

Since I've floundered around for some time, would someone who knows the steps, Please help me. Thanks, Jeanne

Can anyone advise me the steps to