Ndic rig list

CYCLONE 22 CONTINENTAL RESOURCES KOSTELECKY 1-1H NENW 1-141N-98W BIL 22142 2/19/2012 rig is being released

This is posted on the NDIC daily rig list. The end of that column says rig is being released, what exactly does that mean? Usually that "Next Location" column says things like 'undetermined' or names a new location where rig is moving to. I've never seen rig is being released.


This could possibly mean that the rig is being released by Continental but will be drilling for another operator. In the past, I have seen rigs released several times only to begin drilling for another operator.

Snues, there are some rigs that just drill the verticle portion of horizontal wells, a more capable rig will be brought in to drill the horizontal portion. I had a friend get upset because he was watching rig movements and the rig moved from his well to the next after 11 days, I told him that sounded like fair time for the verticle. The active rig count in ND varies as some are always needing some repair.