ND well#25 155/95/6

Just scrolling through the well productions, and came across well#25 in ND. Drilled back in the 50's and Vertical. When you look at the years of production, it shows they were in 3 formations, the Silurian, Madison and Devonian. Each formation produced, with the Devonian producing the most. How did they do that, switching back and forth between the formations, during the lifetime of that well? I haven't researched well production for very long, so is this common?

Well's #1-#24 were all "dry" and #25 that finally produced must have made the day for ND.


The only thing I can think of in this case is that several plug backs were conducted during the life of the well thus allowing production from different zones. If I remember, this well has been P&A'd. As you said, this production was probably a big deal for this area at the time.