ND mineral help

My grandfather Has mineral rights in North Dakota and when he passed away and went to my dad which is also now passed away . I believe A company or corporation with the name diamond and it was talking about Getting permission to see what we have . However my father passed away in 2011 and my mother got the right well my mother is also.passed away. I now have it , I Do you not know a whole lot about that kind of stuff I know I guess I have to make a claim on it even though I found it and it is my mom’s name . Thank you, Tanya Shroyer

You may need to probate the will to get it into your name and any other heirs’ names. You may need some legal help to do so. If you know the section, township and range, we can look up the area for you and see if there is any activity. Some counties are very active and some are not. ND does have a dormant minerals act, so you do need to claim it to keep it. It has to be claimed every 20 years if there is not production or the surface owner can claim it. If there is production, I claim it anyway just to make sure.