Navarro County 50 Acres - Leased in the past - not sure of my next steps

Hi there -

I'm trying to figure out what to do with mineral rights in Navarro county (50 acres A-676). It has been leased in the past (3 times I think) but the last lease expired in Nov 2015.

I looked at the GIS stuff and it seems like there is definitely drilling near there (at least within a mile or so).

So I'm wondering - should I reach out to the prior company/landman that had leased this? Or would they (or some other landman) come to me if they were interested? I did make sure that the last lease filed in Navarro county had my current address on it.

I'm not exactly young, but in the past, I have always relied on my mom to pretty much tell me exactly what to do (she used to work in oil and gas and has her own set of mineral interests) but I would like to learn how to manage this stuff on my own .

Any help is appreciated - please let me know if there is any other info that I can provide.



All leasing activity by exploration companies starts with Geology. Find out what production companies are completing wells in your area. Those companies and any producing companies you have leased to directly in the past are the best place to start. Leasing agents are usually vehicles between operators and owners hired when a geologist is given budget to pursue a project. In hot areas, some leasing agents will take leases on speculation but usually aren't willing to pay much for leases.