Natural Gas Prices 2023

Where can I go to find the natural gas prices monthly for the year so far? My family has inherited the Royalty rights and we want to make sure that we are getting paid the correct amount each month. I understand that the market is depressed right now, but I feel that it has hit bottom.

Thanks in advance.

That is average Henry Hub price for each month going back to whenever. You may get paid a different amount depending on where you are, but that is pretty much what people think of when they say the “national” price for natural gas.

We are moving out of summer so prices going up some already. $2.987 this second I believe.

Good luck reconciling your royalty to market prices.

If you subscribe to Wall Street Journal, WSJ has a user friendly advanced charting for NYMEX gas price, although your local gas prices may vary greatly.

Ancova Energy ( has a free emailed-newsletter providing NatGas prices for Midcontinent, Permian, Eagle Ford, Bakken, Haynesville & Appalachia … along with commentary. This newsletter also prices & comments on oil & NGL prices & rig count by basin.

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The mines are in PA, does that matter?

You local price is set by competition, market, transportation contracts, etc.

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Henry Hub price will be almost useless to you if you’re in PA. Most likely you are on the Texas M2 index, which is about $1.50 lower than Henry Hub (there are other variables but thats on avg).

Just important to remember that NatGas is all about the local market and thus prices really can differ

Is there a listing for prices in PA? or regional pricing?