Natural Gas Pipeline Right-Of-Way

I am a land owner and have been contacted by a landsman that they will be conducting a survey for a route for a natural gas pipeline and associated liquids. What is the going rate for having a pipeline built on my land?

My first suggestion would to not allow entry until a Surface Access Agreement has been prepared and signed. You need to protect yourself and your land.


Buddy Cotten

Have that in agreement in place. Wondering what the going rate per foot might be. Thanks Buddy

If I were negotiating this, I would begin at $3.00 per inch/foot. For example, a 20 inch pipeline would be valued at $60.00 per foot. That is on the high side, but you want to begin on the high side.

Good luck on this.

Buddy Cotten

Thanks for the input Buddy. Will take your adivice and start on the high sideā€¦can always go down, but not the opposite. Thanks, Larry