Natural Gas Pipeline Logan County

Has anyone been contacted by Global Land Partners regarding PVR Cherokee Gas Processing in Logan County? We've been contacted regarding a civil survey on our property in Section 20. Any information about these companies is appreciated. Thank you.

I have not been contacted regarding a pipeline and I am in Section 19, but I already have a large pipeline that is owned by Cherokee Gas Processing. I think the PVR branch is their partner, not sure. The only thing I have a problem with Cherokee Gas Processing is they are always Mortgaging their pipeline and that makes for a lot of pages in my abstract. Of course, they don't have to pay to bring the abstract up to date.

What size line are they putting in? Are they paying damages and easement? How wide of easement do they want? I just had a pipeline go across one of my other properties and they wanted a very large easement, when I told them to go across the road, they finally decided they didn't need as much. Their equipment was working across the road already when I decided to give them an easement.

Global Land Partners is only doing what Cherokee wants, they just do the title research and paper work.

Hi Virginia, Thank you for your reply. I have not talked with them yet but have a letter and a voice mail. They spoke to the neighbor landowner and want to put in a 12 inch pipeline. I don’t recall the depth. They did want to go across our property diagonally and when I talk with them, I will let them know that I am opposed to that because if I were to build a home or barn in the middle, it would affect the building or sale. If we were to agree upon an easement, then I would want the line to go along the fence line. You gave great comments and I will keep those in mind. Luckily we now have a good oil/gas attorney per our previous discussions with you. I am not sure if we are interested. Right now all they want is access to do a survey and they have not committed to where the pipeline is going. I might not agree to the survey. We will see. In the meantime, we will check them and Cherokee out and talk with our attorney. Thank you again for your response. Good luck to you.


Do you know where this pipeline is going? Is it going to Cushing?

If you decide to sign, I would make sure they only have so many feet easement and a one time working easement.

The depth should be at lease 3 feet deep and you can set the distance from the fence. I'm sure they want to cut across the middle of the property as that is closer and cost them less, but I wouldn't let them do that.

And you need something in the contract if the pipeline isn't used anymore the easement is released. Some of these pipeline have been down since the 1940 or so and not even used, but they still have easements and the pipe is in the ground. Also, state only 1 line can be put in this easement.

I just signed for a pipeline to go across one of my property a few months ago and they came in to make the ground level and dam the creek, so now I have a little pond where they are going to put the pipeline. Plus it's going to be to late to plant grass, so I will probably have washing. This pipeline is in Noble Co and was only 8 inch from Cherokee to Cushing.

Hi Virginia, Thank you for the great advice! Very worthwhile and helpful. We also use the same law firm, so if we did decide to proceed I would have them help with this. You have been so helpful through this process.

K E,

I ran the contract that the pipeline people gave me through my attorney. The attorney has a really good contract that helps protect the land and your rights. I felt a lot better knowing I hadn't missed anything or no new laws that changed things.

Not sure the pipeline people liked my attorney, but they finally agreed since their dozier/machinery was across the road and they didn't have a choice on things at that point.

Good luck.