Natural gas needs better pricing

natural gas really tanked yesterday

All boils down to supply and demand. Over supply and low demand pushes prices down.

Joe- natural gas prices have tanked since November 2022. It’s the elephant in the room nobody wants to talk about. At these prices expect exploration to slow drastically along with leasing. Offers to buy will dry up too. We have drilled ourselves out of another boom.

It’s not a good idea to wait until it’s needed to start drilling, building pipelines and other need facilities.

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Had a good run from March to November in 2022. Judging from the past, seems like thats going to be the trend going forward, serveral years of low pricing, a brief 6 month spike and back to low prices. Natural gas is to easy to find now, not sure we ever see prices above $4 for multiple years like we saw from 2002-2010, but who knows!

Every natty gas producer better be thanking the Lawd for the LNG industry. Think about what the price would be if those volumes were not being offloaded to the water for the rest of the world.

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I believe this time period will be a historic low for nat gas (not to be seen again). Pricing should begin improving later this year and be higher, with less pricing volatility, next year when new LNG capacity expansions come online. For mineral owners, it’s really bad time to consider leasing or the sale of mineral interests. My opinion.

Here is the January Short-Term Energy Outlook for gas prices from the EIA. They are expected to rise with LNG export trains coming online. Time will tell.


I was wondering how the pending LNG exports were going to affect NP prices going forward. Those exports will increase demand and hopefully increase royalty payments.

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Biden says he will block all the new LNG facilities because it causes global warming.

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LNG gas exports account for about 10% of the total of natural gas produced in the US, the hope is by 2030 that doubles. The problem is, natural gas is very easy to find/develop, there might be a 6-12 month lag when prices “pop” above $5 in the next 10 years, but staying there is a different story

Biden needs another term to finish destroying America. Plants need Co2. We need more food to feed a growing population. More plants increase oxygen which we need to live.

It’s really that simple.

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You have absolutely NO way of knowing what Natural Gas, Oil or other by products will even be in the next year! If you know all this then why don’t you tell us what Bitcoin will be December 31, 2024.