Native Exploration merging?

I have a royalty interest in the Native Exploration, operated Charles 0334 #1 well.

I have been informed they are merging with another company.

Does anyone know what company they are merging with?

If yes, do you know if they intend to be active in developing properties in McClain county?

The Charles well has been a very good well with a shallow decline curve. Being a multi section unit there is at least 3-5 additional spacing locations for additional wells. Would like to see some more development in this unit.

Time will tell. You can watch for a change of operator name on the OCC wellrecords site. I just checked and did not see one yet. It is form 1073.

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This is true, Native is a portfolio company backed by the Private Equity firm Kayne Anderson, they recently rolled up their midcon operators. There will be a new team, not sure what area they will prioritize.