National Oil & Gas Royalty Conference Oct. 17-18 | Houston

The 2011 National Oil & Gas Royalty Conference will be held in Houston, TX, on October 17-18, 2011. Please support our sponsor and be sure to attend the event if you are a mineral owner or industry professional.

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The National Oil and Gas Royalty Conference is recognized by the oil and gas industry, the legal profession, governmental agencies and the accounting profession as the best place to obtain information about rules, regulations, court decisions, activities of various organizations and current practices and developments that assure participants an up-to-date understanding of royalty determination and payment.

Leaders from industry, government, i nancial institutions, educational institutions, the legal profession, and the accounting profession make available to participants their wealth of knowledge resulting from their years of education, experience and personal contacts. This conference presents a unique opportunity for anyone interested in the determination, payment or receipt of royalties to expand his or her knowledge and skills. The variety of topics assures that each session of the conference provides a valuable learning experience.

The conference will be the perfect opportunity to meet influential professionals and learn about today's mineral issues. Topics will include:

  • IPAA – Challenges Facing Operators and Royalty Owners
  • Federal and State Tax Changes Affecting Royalty Owners
  • Fraud Prevention/Detection for Royalty Owners
  • BOEMRE, BLM, ONRR Updates
  • Royalty Determination and Operational Issues Related to the Shales
  • Legislative, Regulatory and Litigation Issues Facing the Industry
  • IT Systems – Software Trends and Issues
  • EIA – Short and Long Term Energy Outlook

I look forward to seeing you there.