Narrowing posts received to one section

Help. Q#1: I’ve leased out my mineral rights in Section 33, Grady County, Oklahoma. So I’m primarily interested in posts regarding that section. Is there a way to limit the posts I receive to those pertaining to that particular Section 33? Q#2: I am currently signed up to receive ALL posts relating to Grady County, OK (there are tons). Is there a way to do a “search” of the lengthy list to find posts relating to just Section 33?

There are many section 33’s in Grady. You need to give the complete section-township-range. Use the magnifying lens in the upper right to search. If you give the section-township-range, I can help you set up a topic for it. The you can put a “watch” on the topic.

Thank you. My interest is in Section 33, Township 6 North, Range 8 West, Grady County, OK. Yes, if you can describe how to set up a topic for it and “watch” it, that would be great. Thanks so much.

I fixed it for you this time. Next time, go to the New Topic blue button at the top right. Then scroll down the topics on the left and select Oklahoma Mineral Rights, Grady County. Type in your title with the section, township and range in it.

If you look at the bottom of this thread, you will see a box under Bookmark. Set that to Watching.

Now that you are set up, do you have a particular question? Always good to put that in the title line.

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