NARO National Annual Convention in Pittsburgh, Oct 2-4, 2019

The National Association of Mineral Owners Annual convention is in your backyard in a few weeks. Just in case you didn’t notice the banner at the top of the page, here is the agenda for the meeting. There is a special breakout session for Ohio mineral owners. Great way to meet other mineral owners, learn about the oil and gas business and about your rights and responsibilities as a mineral owner.

2019 NARO US Agenda 190909.pdf (239.3 KB)

Hello Martha,

I would love to attend the NARO convention in October. However, I have not registered yet to become a member, as we are having major issues with our mineral rights in Belmont County. (I posted this in June). Is there a way I may contact you offline to discuss our situation further? I am waiting for an attorney that was highly recommended to return my calls. Thank you!

I do not work in Ohio, so probably can only answer general questions more related to drilling or geology. Land questions would need an attorney.