NARO meeting feedback

For those of you who attended the NARO OK Chapter meeting in OKC, give some feedback as to which talks you liked, which topics you would like to see, what vendors were helpful, did you take the Certified Mineral Manager review class and any other feedback.

I will give two of my favorites from the Thursday list. Richard Winblad gave a very informative talk on estate planning for mineral owners. He also participated on the legal panel in the later afternoon and fielded some good questions.

I also went to the Mineral Asset Evaluation talk by Rob Prentice, CMM. Very nice explanation of when you need to have a valuation, what kind of data is looked at, how the evaluation is done. One way for probate or present day and one way if it is a loopback for capital gain purposes.

The lunch talk was a Minerals Management 101 review from two of our board members-Patty West a Registered Petroleum sandman and David Sikes, the National NARO Foundation President. Great talk for beginners!

Would love to hear others input.

I was excited to hear from Commissioner Dana Murphy that an overhaul of the Oklahoma Corporation Commission website is in the works over the next few years. Her talk was just very informative overall as usual. I agree that Richard Winblad’s talk had a lot of good information. I would like to know more about what a mineral owner’s rights are after making an election under a pooling order versus having a favorably-worded lease. A couple of negatives - I thought the meeting rooms were too cold and the food was not as good as last year.

Ditto on that one! We asked for updated software that would work on modern computers and including MACs!

Also very informative talk on Friday by OU hydrology professor on the SCOOP and STACK areas and seismicity.