NARO Looking For Stories About the Royalty Lease Scams


In preparation for the upcoming legislative session, NARO-Texas is looking for good examples of the “royalty lease scam” being perpetrated these days. This involves approaching someone with an active lease and producing well, usually elderly, and presenting what looks to be an oil and gas lease. In return for a lump sum payment, the document is actually selling 75% of the royalty stream in the lease. The document is usually presented as a top lease. If you know of anyone who this has happened to, please contact Wade Caldwell at NARO-Texas is working on a legislative solution to stop these scams.


Can you post a name or two that may be offering The Scam Leases. I have signed several in the last year and I will look at the documents from the subject company (s) you provide. We have signed at least two and so far we have not received any money. Thanks, Alan


Try a search in upper right for royalty lease scam, and it should take you to threads of interest.


You have to scroll down pretty far to find the older threads.