Naming Wells

I have owned mineral rights in Oklahoma for some time. Over the years there has been production from traditional vertical wells and the naming of these wells was easy to understand when seeing production reports. Earlier this year we started getting production from a horizontal well from a well located in canadian county, 11n 7w 5. The one site had two well names, Scissortail and Cattlemans. I’m not sure why there are two names and just assumed it was because it covered two different sections. Recently another well was completed, Garth Brooks, located in 12N 7W 31. My mineral rights are in the section just south of the well site but it only has the one name. There’s probably a logical reason but I just wanted to know why. Thanks.

Clifford: One well name per wellbore. If there are more than one named well in your section, you have an additional well. With the new multi-unit horizontal wells, the well name generally shows the 2 sections the well is drilled through, but not always. Sometimes the well name shows the section the surface location is on, but not the section or section the wellbore is producing from. The designations after the name will tell you more about the wellbore. Every company does things differently.