Name of a Mineral Rights Attorney in Garvin County

New to forum and mineral rights. My Uncle died in Illinois without a will and owned mineral rights in Garvin County. His only sibling, my Dad, died in North Carolina with a will in 2010. Trying to get Uncle’s rights and Dad’s rights in my Mom’s name, in North Carolina. Anyone know a good mineral rights attorney in Garvin County that I can trust? I live in Texas. Thanks.

A friend recommended Jim Carlton from this list:

Note that a lot of the lawyers listed on this list do not live in Pauls Valley, so I wouldn’t consider them good candidates.

It sounds like you will need to file an Ancillary Probate. We had to do the same when my grandfather passed in CO last year. We are still in the process of getting the Ancillary Probate filed, but we are using an attorney in Oklahoma City. His name is Isaac Finkbeiner and his number is 918-906-1036. He is very reasonably priced and moves much more quickly than the large firm our estate attorney selected for the Texas properties.

Its a fair distance from Yukon to Pauls Valley. Know what you are going to be paying for windshield time before you commit, IMHO.

He did ours for a flat fee.

Thank you for the suggestion.

Thank you for the info.

James Carlton and Brett Agee are both at the same office. I have worked with both and they are good. I also work a lot with Dan Sprouse. Let me know if you need any information.

Thank you. Its not many acres but would like to get this resolved.